Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Do You Talk in Your Sleep?

Me: Can you please turn off your light?
DJ: I'm reading.
Me: Your eyes are closed.
DJ: I'm praying.
Me: Oh OK.

A few minutes later it is clear he is asleep by the sounds he is making...
Me: tap, tap, tap
No response
Me: tap, tap, tap a little harder
No response
Me: tap, tap, tap a little harder
DJ: What?
Me: Could you turn off your light?
DJ: I am reading.
Me: You are asleep!
DJ: No, I'm praying.
Me: Please turn off your light.
DJ: It's off (it really isn't) just ask Luke.
Me: Luke?
DJ: Luke Skywalker! He and Hans Solo are going to be in a movie in the spring.
Me: Just turn off the light!!!

Before we got married, my roommates warned him of my sleep talking. They told silly stories of talking about the drool machine and then getting mad at them when they didn't understand. DJ was really nervous.

However...since we have been married, he hardly ever hears me talk in my sleep, instead it is always him!

Hear is another really good story from a while back... DJ: I'm gonna be the president of Texas.
Me: Oh really.
DJ: Yes, just ask Sam. ( I was thinking maybe he meant Sam Houston?)
DJ: It's not the Sam you are thinking of, it is Yosemite Sam!


  1. WOW!!! Do I really say these crazy things?!?! I LOVE YOU!

  2. I think it's a family curse, because my dad (DJ and Cass's uncle) talks in his sleep, as well as me and at least one of my brothers.

    Funny about the Sam one, too, since that has become my new name for the last two or so years! :)