Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taylor is 1 year old!

I can't believe we already have a one-year-old… that is completely unbelievable!

Taylor turned one on June 29th. 

Taylor had her 12 month appointment this week.

Weight - 18.1 lbs {10th percentile}
Length - 27 inches {10th percentile}
Head - 17.75 inches {50th percentile}

She's growing!  Her weight and length were in about the 3rd percentile when she came home in April so the doctor was pleased with her progress! 

We ate lunch with Uncle Chuck, Aunt Mo, and family.  For lunch Taye enjoyed a mini cupcake.  
We saved the smash cake for later that day. Taye wasn't quite sure what to do with it, so she just ate the icing. 
 Taylor had her first birthday cake in the same high chair that her Mommy had her first birthday cake.  

Taye feeding Mommy cake
We had a few friends over to play. 

Daddy grilled for us.  
The day after her birthday, we found out she had the chicken pox.  :(  Unfortunately, babies don't get the chicken pox vaccine until they turn 1, but Daddy had shingles about a month ago so T was exposed before she turned one.  Sadly the doctor said he will probably still recommend vaccinating her for this a little later. 
By the 4th of July she had her sweet smile back


  1. Congratulations on your one year old! My husband and I are adopting through Christian Homes and Family Services and they directed us to your site. I love all the information on your site. It has been very helpful to see what we will be going through. (Our orientation isn't until August.) Wanted to ask a couple questions: 1. For the family photo album, did the agency give you any guidelines on how long or what to include? 2. Love your fundraisers but wondered, did you have the people give money to you or send to agency? 3. Do you have to claim the fundraising money on your taxes? I would appreciate any help on these matters. Thanks. ~ Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah! My husband just told me that you emailed and he had forgotten to mention it and I am just seeing this comment today. I apologize for the delay! I would be happy to answer these questions. I will take some time to answer and send you an email. Talk to you soon! Blessings, Andrea