Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's the Next Step?

Many have asked, "What's the next step?"  At this point we have not heard from the birth mom we met with in June so we are operating under the assumption that she has chosen a different family, which is completely fine.  We continue to pray for her daily and whichever family the Lord has for that precious baby girl, knowing that our babe has already been hand-picked as well.  

So what's next... well, at this point we are focusing our efforts on fundraising.  As soon as we have raised the amount for the Home Study we will submit our paperwork and get that ball rolling.  About a month ago we had a fantastic garage sale and we were so blessed when a couple we met at our adoption orientation showed up with a check... wow, talk about humbling and encouraging!  We raised around $850 that day and still had a garage full of items that did not sell.  So we basically left it all set up in the garage and decided to have another sale this past weekend.  We sold almost EVERYTHING!  At the end we had about 3 oxen of stuff that we panned to donate and a man drove up and asked if he could buy all of it and haul it off for us!  Sure you can!  In addition, we had another sweet family show up and hand us a card, which we later found out had a $500 check in it!  Wow!  We are completely amazed at the Lord's faithfulness!  

Our next plan is to get the t-shirts designed asap so that we may begin selling those and we are also working on our dinner fundraiser plans.  We will keep you posted as soon as all of the details are worked out.  Thanks so much for loving our family and enough to read this!  You are each a blessing to us! 

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