Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You never know the impact you have...

Last week I received an email from my sweet friend Kim who I worked with at Laity Lodge Youth Camp asking if I was available to come out and help at camp for the week. I didn't think I could go because DJ and I were supposed to be in charge of recreation at VBS, but I mentioned it to him anyway and was thrilled when he told me to go and he would hold down the fort at VBS. Wow, what a great hubby!

I spent four years as a counselor in Cabin 1 (the youngest girls' cabin) and then on year on Central Staff in a leadership role. The girl who had this role was at Young Life camp for the week so they needed someone to fill in for her, so I got to spend a week in my favorite part of our great state, the hill country.

I headed to camp Monday morning. One of the first girls I "met" was one of my campers who was now on staff! I began to feel really old when I realized that tons on my campers were on staff. It was so much fun to hug the necks of these precious girls that I had lived in a cabin with and taken care of through their first summer away at camp. Not often do you have the opportunity to know the impact you made on someone, especially a child. On Wednesday night, as we walked to Round-up, I chatted with a few of my former campers and one of them asked me if I remembered when she asked Christ into her heart. Of course I remembered!!! She then told me how each time she gives her testimony she tells of how we were hiking to Girls' Camp-out and she asked Jesus into her with her counselor, Andrea. What a sweet, sweet moment for me to have had the opportunity to share Christ with a little girl, who is now a young woman serving the Lord this summer.

I spent the next 2 days sick as a dog in my cabin, but it was well worth it for those few minutes that the Lord allowed me to see a glimpse of how He had used me for His Kingdom.


  1. What a great post. So you will know the impact you just had on me. I have been trying for the past 2 days to think of the name of an organization. The organization was Young Life. (TY! Jesus.) Now I can find the name of the contact in my phone I think, because he works with Young Life. God answers prayers in mysterious ways sometimes.

    Found the number :)

  2. oh andrea...i am crying right now. what a precious, precious moment. i love you dear friend.

  3. Andrea- that is so sweet, and i'm so glad you got to go back for a few days. I have really enjoyed seeing your blog and thought of you last week when i was in abilene for a family reunion! would love to see you when we're on our way home to san angelo sometime...

  4. Eve, I would definitely love to see you sometime too! Definitely let me know if you will be around anytime... I would love to actually meet those precious little ones in person. Hope yall are well!