Monday, July 12, 2010

Highlights of our Trip to Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and NYC

Our favorite part of the trip was going to the Pennsylvania Amish country.
DJ had to eat here...

This was the B&B he surprised me with. It was originally owned by William Penn. Most recently it was a test farm for New Holland, whose headquarters are just down the road.
We would totally recommend it... it was beautiful and the food was amazing!

We were able to see most of the sites from National Treasure

Duck Tour through the streets of Philly and then on the Delaware River

Phillies Game

We left Philly and headed to NJ for my nephew's high school graduation.
These are my sister's kids, Lyndsie, Myles, and Skyler. (love them!)

My sister, Rhonda, and my nephew, Myles

This was a really neat restaurant at Liberty State Park, overlooking the Statue of Liberty

My niece, Lyndsie and I, at the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center)

My sister started calling DJ "Crocodile Dundee" because he was saying "Howdy" and talking to everyone on the streets of the city. This was taken in Little Italy at a great outdoor restaurant.

This was a hilarious moment...I wish I had video. DJ bought their CD and made some new friends... we have yet to listen to it...doubt we ever will.

We had a great time!


  1. I had the opportunity to visit an Amish community with my younger boys last summer. It really mad an impression on them.

  2. I love the fact that DJ bought a CD probably made their day.

  3. You know, it does not surprise me in the least bit that DJ would be walking around talking to people in NYC. He probably was thinking he WAS Mic Dundee! LOL Glad you guys had a great time!!!