Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Good-bye Lake House

Well it looks like we may have finally sold the lake house.  We have been trying to sell it for the past two years and every offer has fallen through.  This one looks like it may work... they have had the inspection, come back with their counter offer, and we officially accepted today!  We are supposed to close on Friday, so we will have to go down on Thursday and finish cleaning out a few closets and the shed.  My mom was an accountant, so we have at least 20 or 30 boxes full of other people's financial documents that we have to figure out how to dispose of.  We have thought about burning it or finding one of those companies that we can pay to come shred it...if anyone has any helpful suggestions, bring it on!  

I am really glad to be rid of the financial burden of an extra house payment, but it will also be sad to see it go.  My mom LOVED it out there and I have a lot of great memories of time spent with her out there.  We loved to BBQ and then sit out on the deck over looking the lake.  We also made tons of s'mores in the fire pit with my niece and nephews and their Grandy.  When I would come home from college, Mom and I would rent movie after movie at the teeny little video rental place and I can't forget the Labamba and When Harry Met Sally tapes that we watched over and over.  It feels a little bit like my last tangible piece of my mom will be gone when we sell it, but I know I will get to see her again one day.  

Thank you Lord for the amazing blessing that my mom was and is to me... thank you for her constant example of selflessness.  Thank you for providing a buyer for the house in your timing.  We love and we trust you. In Jesus name, Amen  

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  1. Wonderful news! I read your words of sadness though. I pray God will whisper in your ears the things you long to hear and hold you in His arms.