Sunday, May 17, 2009

DJ left for Outdoor Education Camp today and I am pretty sad that he'll be gone for two weeks. So after church I decided that it was a pretty day so I took Rollie to the park for a walk. I got about half way around the park and noticed that I no longer had my key to my car. I practically had to drag Rollie around the park searching for the key because he was worn out. Never found the key... so about an hour after DJ arrived in Brownwood he turned around and rescued us from the park. What a great man... I sat in the park and cried because I felt so bad that he had to come back to save me, but my fabulous husband was so sweet about it... didn't even seem to mind. So I spent about 15 minutes with him and then he had to turn around and head back to Lake Brownwood. :(

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