Friday, July 24, 2009

Architecture Around the World

I feel a little bit like crying because I have finally finished a very busy summer. It is July 24th and my summer officially begins today! The past two weeks have been very tiring and difficult, but also full of growth. I have been teaching architecture to kindergarten and first graders in a program for gifted learners at Hardin-Simmons. I co-taught with a good friend who is an amazing teacher. We began creating our curriculum in April and continued to tweak it throughout the two weeks. We took a tour of architecture around the world this week. DJ created AMAZING "passports" for my "architectural explorers." I don't think I can really do them justice by describing them here, but let me just say that graphic design is definitely his specialty. On our tour we explored The White House, castles, bridges, towers, and future architecture of the world. I have so many funny stories, but I can't share too much here because of privacy issues. What a bummer! This journey has been so exhausting and difficult, but also very rewarding. Today I was offered to continue this job next the beginning of the two weeks, after all the hours and hours of work, I told DJ not to let me do this again, but now that it is all over I am so torn because it really is an great opportunity. I would love to just relax next summer without any major plans, but I also hate to turn down this opportunity... decisions...decisions!

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  1. I will pray. I understand how time consuming this can be. When we see each other I am wondering if you had a friend's son. I know he was there. His family went to our church but moved the last day of Threshold.