Wednesday, June 11, 2008

God's Big Backyard

I wish I had pictures or videos to share our latest experience in God's Big Backyard. DJ and I have spent the week at Vacation Bible School as the emcees and we are having a blast. Each night we work with 2 teenage brothers to produce a skit and then we spend the rest of the evening dancing and singing in the music rotation. I can't even tell you how tired we have been each night! Last night we had to video our final night of skits because we won't be there to perform. I so wish that we could see a video of outtakes. The brothers (14 and 17) are a dog and squirrel and for that night's skit they had the most lines. It was so funny watching them try to remember as the 17-year-old had a full dog costume on and the 14-year-old is wearing a kangaroo head (that is supposed to be a squirrel). They have been great sports about the whole thing and they have cracked us up nightly, but tonight will be our last night as "Alex and Stan in God's Big Backyard" because we leave for St. Louis in the morning! I will try to post the video if I can get my hands on it. The best part was watching the squirrel try to nonchalantly read his lines off the floor.

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