Saturday, November 22, 2008

Is anyone out there?

I'm back! I can't believe it has been so long since I last blogged. Today I noticed that some of my friends had removed me from their "Blogs I read" list. I guess that means that I need to post something worthy of reading. That is a lot of pressure! Here is a shot in the dark...

Life has been super crazy this semester. (Do I say that every semester? - maybe that means I need to slow down a bit). I am still working on grad school, while teaching, doing Pampered Chef, and spending lots of time at our second home - our church. We so love it there. I think it is such a great example of the body of Christ just doing life together. We started working in the college ministry this semester, which has been a blast. We spent last weekend on the college retreat- which brought back great memories of my college retreat experiences. It was cold so it was super fun eating s'mores by a camp fire. We played Rock Band and Catch Phrase, cooked and had a great time digging into The Word and learning about the will of God.

The past few weeks have also been filled with fun news. DJ has applied to get his doctorate at Texas A&M and we found out that he has made it to the interview process. He has an interview this Tuesday, so please be praying for him through this (if anyone is even reading this). We are really just praying through this and trusting God let us know if this is what we are supposed to do right now. Even if the application/interview process is as far as it goes, I am just super proud of my husband. (By the way, have I told yall how great he is? He is a huge blessing to me, even when I am bratty.)

In addition, we also found out that we have another offer on my mom's house. If you don't already know, the offer we had this summer fell through. The past year and half have been a huge year of learning and growth for us. We are just trusting the Lord completely to provide a buyer for the house - in His timing, not ours.

It has been a little over a year since my mom went to be with the Lord. Overall, I would say it has been a good year. I miss her a ton and I definitely have my melt downs now and then, but I have learned so much. The hardest part lately is hearing about tragedies in the lives of others and funeral plans and just being reminded of all the difficulties we went through. However, I have so many more amazing memories of my mom and the Lord uses those memories to help me move on from the tough stuff. I guess I am not making much sense, but it helps to say it out loud.

Since my mom passed away on DJ's birthday, his birthday this year was a great distraction. I am reminded of how the Lord really knows what he is doing. Each year to come, on that day, I will have lots of fun plans making my husband feel special instead of missing my mom.

Well, I need to fold laundry and work on a paper while I wait on my husband to return home from their play-off game today. I can't wait to see him!


  1. I'm still here! I usually don't give up on a blog until it doesn't have activity for a year so you were still good with me. Sound's like you've had a very busy fall!

  2. YAY! Andi's back!!! :) I have oh so missed the blog! :) Love you!