Saturday, August 13, 2011


If you haven't heard of Pinterest yet I have to share it with you; However, I have to warn you that it can be addictive.

Pinterest is a way to organize things you find on the internet, especially images. I used to find myself bookmarking different blog posts that I wanted to remember or go back to later, but Pinterest creates an easy way for me to organize all of my ideas in one place. It allows me to create boards categorizing all of my different pins so that I easily find it when I need it.

The possibilities are endless... I have boards with recipe ideas, tips for my home, decorating ideas, products I love, teaching inspiration etc. etc. You can make it whatever you want.
I am planning to redo one of our guest bedrooms into a home office with a daybed for guests, but I want it to be organized and still feel welcoming to guests. So I created a board where I keep ideas of things I want to remember as I recreate this room.
This image is from and when I click on the picture it will take me back to the original website where I borrowed the image.

Here is a pallet daybed idea I also liked for the room.

When you first go to Pinterest, you will need to request an invite. After a few days you will receive an email and you can start pinning.
You can also follow other people, so you get ideas from them too!
You can see my boards here!
Happy Pinning!

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