Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What an evaluation!

I had my evaluation today and it went really well... but there is a funny story...

We were learning about money and making change etc. Everything was going great, we were using dollar bill and coin manipulatives, I was using cool technology, the kids were completely engaged and then... I FORGOT HOW TO SUBTRACT!

Seriously! We were going over $5.00 minus something like $3.58 and I completely messed up with the regrouping! I could see it all over their sweet little faces... they almost looked terrified, like, "OH no! Mrs. Gililland don't mess up in front of the principal!" Their eyes were pleading with me, "That's not right!" I quickly fixed it and we all laughed and laughed about it later.

The best part was that my principal made a really big deal about what a great lesson it was and how he would have done much better in math if he had been able to have a teacher explain it and make it fun like that! YEA! I guess he could relate to my trouble with subtraction. :)

But don't loose too much faith in education... I promise they all know how to subtract and make change!

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