Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sweet Chloe and her adoration of DJ

The funniest thing happened today... I laughed so hard that I was snorting in Sam's. Although, I may not be able to do it justice with words. In order to give you the full picture, I have to back up a little... This summer DJ and I MCed Vaction Bible School. I should actually say that DJ was the MC because I was more like a sidekick as it turned out. He's a huge ham and loves performing for a crowd and ALL the little girls love him! I am not kidding! Anytime we see the under 8 crowd of little girls at church, they all swoon! There is a precious little girl at church named Chloe and she is apparently a member of the adoring DJ club. We saw her the other day and she got SO excited to see him. Well this morning, I helped out in the 2 year olds "Sunday School" class, which Chloe is a part of. I said something to her about "Mr. Gililland" but she apparently did not realize that it was DJ I was talking about. So after church today we ran by Sam's and ran into Chloe and her family. I am not kidding, we must have been 100 feet away and she got completely excited to see us (or DJ I should say). "Daddy, Daddy, LOOK!" We stood and talked to her family for a while and she was completely beside herself. She said, "You are with him?" I explained that he was my husband and she just couldn't get over it. I wish that I could show you a video because I was right, words do not do it justice! Just imagine DJ and I laughing so hard that I was crying.

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  1. That is hilarious!!! Yes, a video would be great, but I still think it is funny in words...maybe cause I know Chloe. And, my girls love him too (they also love "Andra" the same!!!) So, I went to to get a count of how many people look at my blog. Let me know if you have anymore questions!!!