Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Adoption Application

For months we have been working on all of the details involved in our adoption process. As I was working on some of the paperwork today, I thought it might be helpful to give you a glimpse into this process.  I found a checklist that I thought might be helpful in helping y'all to understand all that this process entails.

My goal for the summer is to get all of the paperwork complete and we are getting very close.  We have most of the forms complete, now we are working on steps #2-21.

This may be more information than you want, but for those of you that are into details you may be interested.  So without further ado, here is a list of all the forms and items we must complete:
1. All forms received with orientation materials which require completion or signatures: 
  • AF-205 (his&hers) Personal Spiritual History & Plan for Spiritual Development for You and Your Children
  • AF-034 – Working Agreement Between Christian Homes and Prospective Adoptive Parents
  • AF-008 – Application to Adopt a Child
  • AF-012  - Family Background Form
  • AF-153 – Financial Information
  • AF-015 (his&hers) Affidavit of Affirmations
  • AF-010 – Birth family background Checklist
  • AF-009(i) – Infant Physical Challenge Checklist
  • AF-013-1 (his&hers) Statement of Good Health
  • AF0-13-2 (his&hers) Health History of Applicant
  • AF-058 – Adoptive Parent Consent to Use Photographs
  • AF-119 – American Indian Descent Form
  • AF-100 – Authorization to Share your Study
  • AF-027 – Statement regarding Firearms and Firearm Safety
  • AF-016 (his&hers) 10 Page Autobiography Form and Outline
  • AF-023 – Profile of Adoptive Parents
  • AF-151 – Health Insurance Statement of Coverage
  • AF-152 – Adoptive Parents' Acknowledgement of Discipline Policies
  • AF-500 - Interstate Compact Agreement
  • AF-204 - Discretionary Drug Testing Policy
  • AF-142 - FAST Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas Application  
  • AF-116 - Adoption Fees Policy and Explanation TX and OK Residents
  • AF-160 - Statement of Legal Risk
  • AF-150 - Internet Profile Information
  • AF-214 - Personal Outreach
2. Photograph of applicant/s and any children in the home.
3. Photographs of your home, surrounding grounds, outbuildings, etc.
4. Photograph/s of your pets.
5. Copy of current vaccination record for all pets for which vaccinations are necessary.
6. Sketch of your home’s floor plan, noting dimensions and purpose of each room (See example floor plan attached with proper dimensions and room purpose noted.). Also please note fire escape route/s on the floor plan.
7. Copy of home ownership, if applicable, i.e., Deed of Trust, Home Owner's Title Policy, etc. Statement from landlord, if renting, to verify rent.
8. Copy of driver’s license for each applicant if not returned with preliminary application. Copy of driver’s license for any other household member, or Social Security card if individual has no driver’s license.
9. Medical exams within the past six months for the adoptive applicants and any children or other persons in the home. (Items AF013-1 and AF014a listed in item 1 above)
10. Statement and proof of income. (Please supply a copy of the past year’s tax return.)
11. Copy of marriage license.
12. Certified copy of divorce decree, if applicable.
13. Certified copy of death certificate of spouse, if applicable.
14. Copy of birth certificate of each applicant and each child in applicants' home.
15. Copy of savings passbook or statement, certificates of deposit, money market accounts, retirement accounts, IRA’s, etc.Page 2
16. Proof of life and health insurance coverage (attach a copy of the face sheet of each life insurance policy showing the amount of the insurance and copy of health insurance policy or a copy of health insurance card showing date of eligibility).
17. Infant Parent Training Class verification (at least 6 hours). (Note: This is not a requirement for those who are parenting children currently.)
18. Infant, Child, and Adult CPR Certification.
19. First Aid Certification, with rescue breathing and choking.
20. Birth Mother Letter
21. Photo Album 

Even though this may seem really overwhelming, I have to say that we have really been blessed by this process.  It is so encouraging to see all the people interested in helping us to achieve this goal.

And for all that may be interested... we have finished designing our adoption t-shirts and just got the proof back from the t-shirt company.  We will be posting all the details soon!  They turned out really cute!

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